Notes: Unmistakeable by Srinivas Rao

I enjoyed Rao's journey with surfing, but the rest of the book seemed like a loose compilation of podcast episode summaries

There will be critics

Mars Dorian

  • Whether you like his art or not, it's recognizable

Jia Jiang

Brian Koehn

  • Started skateboard company out of high school

The further you paddle out, the quieter the critics get

  • You've left them behind on land

We are ruled by numbers that we'll never be enough for

  • FB likes, followers, number of bank balance

Victor Saad

Ella Luna

Mattan Griffel

Ignore or defy expectations + best practices

  • Look at other industries and art forms instead of own industry

Misfit conference held in random locations, capped at 50 people

Erik Wahl

  • Graffiti artist paints live during speeches

Golriz Lucina

  • Chief creative officer of SoulPancake

Fear is a sign that you should be doing this

  • Fear of failure or that no one will read your work is not a reason to stop
  • The bigger the drop, the bigger the wave

Brad Montague

  • Created Kid President

Life is a series of false horizons - Ed Helms on Off Camera

  • Every external marker of success is a false horizon

Cumulative output and experience that determines level of mastery

  • Not just one work

Greg Hartle

  • Ten dollars and laptop

Unmistakability is tied to not pleasing everybody

Ashley Ambirge

Thomas Mitchell

Chris Sacca

  • VC who was $4 million in debt in 2000

Seth Godin

  • I like the idea of getting two copies of something when you buy it, so you can share it with someone
  • "If you choose to be a creative, you cannot wait to be picked because the Internet is an amplifier of people who pick themselves"
    • Let go of the need to be picked by Google, Facebook